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Spiritual Adventures & Holistic retreats

Athena has been offering spiritual adventuers, spiritual alchemy tours and holistic retreats worldwide for over two decades.

During that time, we have trekked the Himalayas, visited ancient temple ruins in Kashmir, hosted raw food retreats in Iceland, completed ayurvedic wellbeing programmes in Goa and Kerala, and hosted spa retreats in Turkey. We have toured mosques in Istanbul, rose plantations in Antalya and traditional hamamprogrammes in Turkey and Morocco.

We have also meditated on the Nile river, slept under the stars in deserts of the Middle East and chanted in Theban temples and the pyramids of Giza plus many, many more amazing experiences.

We are so excited to now share with you are latest tours and amazing healing journeys available for our 2018/2019 programme.

Why not check out all of our spiritual tours and holistic retreats on our dedicated website at:
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