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How to Enjoy Running

Running is a fantastically simple way to burn fat, to improve your fitness and to build muscle. This is something that everyone can do, that you can do anywhere and that requires no equipment. It also just so happens to be incredibly effective when it comes to encouraging weight loss.

The only slight problem with running is that it’s not that much fun. Not only is running very taxing on your body – hurting your joints and leaving you feeling tired and even sick quite quickly – but it can also be thought of as boring. Throw in some cold weather and you have a very unappealing way to spend an hour.

Making Running More Comfortable

So what do you do? Give up on your hopes of getting into running? Or try approaching it from another angle? The latter for preference…

The first thing to do to make running more palatable is to invest in some of the right gear. First and foremost, that means getting yourself the right running shoes. To do this you should visit a proper running shop where you’ll be able to have your gait analyzed to identify your foot stride. Some people hit the floor with their heel first, other people use the ball of their foot and others still use the mid-sole. Your shoe should be a minimalist or structured shoe with a variable heel-toe drop depending on the type of runner you are. Likewise, your shoe may need to correct wide or narrow feet. When you find the right shoe, the ride will be much smoother and less painful. Meanwhile, the right clothes for running will help you feel warmer but without getting sweaty.

When running, you should also change your objective at first. Don’t run so fast it’s not comfortable – just stay in your comfort zone by jogging gently to begin with.

Making Running More Enjoyable and Rewarding

Another useful gadget is a fitness tracker, running watch or running app. These can measure your distance, pace, time, calories burned and more. This makes all the difference to your running because it lets you actually see all the hard work paying off as you improve in your ability.

Finally, don’t just run around a park or on a treadmill. This is about as dull as it gets! Instead, try exploring along with your runs. Using a watch you’ll still be able to measure distance but this way you can discover new things in your area and see sights instead of just seeing the same scenery pass by over and over again.

April 30, 2018

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