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This course teaches probably the single most important skill of a manager. That is the way that he or she deals with the people within their organization. This affects how well they perform their jobs, the daily output achieved and the overall effectiveness of the company.

Those who master the skill of motivation find it is a priceless tool in getting their workforce to perform effectively. Teamwork and motivation go hand in hand. If you can motivate your team and get every individual working together toward a common goal, the results will always exceed expectations.

The aim of this course is to enable managers to instil effective teamwork and motivation within every member of staff, so that you can unlock their true potential.

Key Learning Points

This course is part of the Business Success series, suitable for professional managers of all levels, business owners and students. It has been carefully designed to deliver proven, effective training, coupled with a series of business tools to help you apply what you have learned in your business.

It is approximately two-and-a-half hours in length, during which you’ll:

  • Learn about what motivates people to strive for excellence and what stops them
  • Identify what style of team best suits your organisation
  • Discover how to turn your people into a high performing team
  • Use “real world” tools to increase the motivation and teamwork in your business.

The ultimate result in applying these factors is a workforce that performs more effectively – and profitably:

  • Staff who are motivated work more efficiently, leading to a rise in productivity.
  • Those staff who are recognized as being an asset to a company are more likely to rise through the ranks.
  • Therefore, motivation is a self-sustaining attribute, which brings about positivity in the workplace.

Teamwork creates an environment in which workers are accountable for what they do at work, because other team members count on each individual’s contribution:

  • When all workers do their job well, it creates a sense of pride and belonging that is greater than each individual’s achievement – it creates a happy and productive environment.
  • This course teaches the skills that lead to strong teamwork and highly motivated staff.

Advantages of this course

  • Having a well-organised and motivated team is one of the most valuable assets of any company, directly impacting on its long-term success. This course is the ideal investment in that success.
  • All business owners and professional managers will be able to benefit from this course. If they have never considered the techniques of motivation and teamwork, the advantages to the productivity of their team could be enormous. If they already perform well in this area, this course will be a further boost to their business.
  • For students, this course will enable them be much better prepared for entering the workplace, with the skills and techniques to perform well at management level already in place.
  • When people work well as a team, they create a can-do environment in which there is greater morale, more motivation, greater flexibility and increased innovation and creativity. This course is designed to enable you to achieve that in your organization.


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