Holistic Therapy Training Courses key to success

A common misconception is that undertaking employee training will yield results every time – this Is however, not the case. In this world where every penny spent needs to count, it is crucial that you report on the usefulness of your training, to ensure that future training is as effective, if not more.

Employee training is a huge industry these days, but some trainers are better than others, it is therefore necessary to measure the success of training, something this course will teach you.


Make sure that you maximize the effectiveness of your training, by making sure it actually works.


You will learn how to measure the effectiveness of your training, to make sure the training has been worth doing from an ROI perspective.


You will receive access to your course within 48 hours of enrollment/ purchase.

Course Curriculum

Understand Kolb’s learning styles and learning cycle.
Get familiar with key evaluation tools, including goal setting, tests, reactionary sheets, interviews, observations, hip-pocket assessments, skill assessments, and learning journals.
Understand when to use each type of evaluation tool.
Be able to perform a needs assessment.
Know how to write learning objectives and link them to evaluation.
Be able to write an evaluation plan to evaluate learning at each stage of the training and far beyond.
Know how to identify the costs, benefits, and return on investment of training.
Get familiar with the parts of a business case.
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