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Have you thought about entering the world of Nail Technician to make extra money? Or maybe you’re looking to find employment as a Nail Technician? Either way, you might want to give yourself a competitive edge by obtaining the Nail Technician Diploma Award (NTDA).

Nail technicians are very in-demand and undertaking certified training will add to your skill set and dramatically increase your career prospects and earning potential. Whether you’re starting your own business or looking to improve your employment skills, this course will prove invaluable.

Comprehensive and convenient

The course is broken down into 24 individual modules. Each one takes between 10 and 80 minutes on average study, although you can spend as little or as much time on each module as you feel is necessary – simply log in and out of your course at your convenience. At the end of each module there is a 5 question test on what you have learned. The course covers topics including the basics of nail technology, communicating with clients, how to perform manicures and pedicures, salon management, marketing and more.

The flexible nature of the course means you can learn at your own pace depending on other commitments. The nature of online learning enables you to study anytime, anywhere at your convenience.

Key Learning Points

The course comprehensively covers every angle of nail technique and enables you to become a nail technician in around 20 hours. Focus areas include:

  • Introduction and Basics of Nail Technology.  Uncover the history of nail technology and why you should become part of this ever growing industry. Learn about the skin, why it’s an important barrier to infection and how this understanding can keep your clients safe. Find out about the anatomy of the nail and why understanding it is fundamental to becoming a nail technician.
  • Client Consultation and Communication. Get to grips with the importance of preparing your work area before each client arrives to ensure that clients feel taken care of and to maintain good hygiene practices. Learn how to communicate with clients and establish exactly what their needs are before treating them.
  • How to perform manicures and pedicures. Learn how to perform manicures and pedicures, how to successfully apply artificial nails, how to apply gel overlays, how to apply gel nails, how to shape and paint artificial tips and how to do basic nail art. You will also learn how manicures and pedicures can be maintained at home, and how to share this knowledge with clients.
  • Salon Management.  Delve into the world of salon management and discover what running your own salon entails. Look at the pros and cons of running your own salon, being a mobile technician or working for someone else. Learn how to create a business plan, what regulations you’ll need to abide by and what you need to know about taxes and VAT.
  • Marketing. Learn how to create an image for your business and how to market it. How you style your salon, website and promotional material says a lot about the type of technician you are, so getting it right is crucial. This module teaches you why branding is so important, how to promote your service via your website, social media and print advertising, how to set your pricing to reflect the type of client you want your business to attract and what merchandise you should sell in your salon.

Advantages of this course

  • A detailed yet easy to understand course syllabus broken down into 20 manageable chunks that make learning easy
  • You can use the NTDA logo on your promo materials
  • Complete the end of course test and receive a certificate
  • Learn at your own pace and fully understand each module before moving on

Take control of your career and enhance your prospects with this fantastic course. Sign up now and make a real investment in your future.


You will receive access to your course within 48 hours of enrollment/ purchase.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Nail Technology
The Anatomy of the Skin
Nail Anatomy
Client Consultation and Communication, Preparing Your Client
How to perform a Manicure & Pedicure
Artificial Nail
Gel Overlay & Gel Nail
Nail Tips (Shaping and Painting & Artificial Tips)
Basic Nail Art
Nail Maintenance
Health and Hygiene
Setting up a Salon and Red Tape Start a salon, become a mobile technician, or work for someone else?
Salon Decoration
Marketing Your Nail Salon / Service
Setting Your Pricing
Merchandising & Your Salon
Employees and Staffing
Customer Relationship Management
Managing Cost
Forms and Record Keeping
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