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Take a few steps closer towards becoming a trained hypnotherapist, by working through this online course, set over 16 weeks. With easily digestible modules that ensure learning is fun rather than exhausting, every student will be able to gain the invaluable skillset required to be outstanding at their chosen career. Developed by an award winning trainer and hypnosis master, this hypnotherapy course will help you on your way towards professional recognition, and will help you to gain control over your conscious mind, as well as your unconscious one.

For your convenience, we have created this course online so you can watch, listen and interact with this blended learning programme. This programme has been created by some of the top NLP Trainers in the world including ABH Master Trainer of Hypnosis & ANLP & ABNLP Accredited Trainer of NLP, David Key.

This programme contains models that are NOT available in any other product in the World as the models were created by the trainers who created this outstanding and comprehensive material including the NLP Present™ designed by David Key.

Now, imagine taking just a few minutes every day to relax and for the next few weeks, all you have to do is watch and listen to the online material and practice the exercises in the comfort of your own surroundings.

Share your knowledge with friends to help them become more confident, more in control and start to create the life you really want…how would that feel? After signing up…remember, you can come back to your online material over and over again.

Explore the Deep Trance Phenomenon

For hundreds of thousands of people across the world, hypnosis has been an effective alternative therapy that has helped them to overcome a multitude of issues. Sign up to this course, and you will be able to explore the concept of deep trance phenomena, and will be able to use this new-found knowledge to help others, as well as yourself. Whether an individual needs to get over a specific phobia that is ruling their lives, or they need to try and ease stress and anxiety, hypnosis can be a valuable form of alternative therapy that can work harmoniously, alongside conventional medicine.

Master Basic and Advanced Techniques

Offering a well-rounded look at hypnosis, this course isn’t just certified, but board certified. This means that it’s internationally recognised, will look impressive on any CV and will allow you to market yourself successfully, in order to help you follow your desired career path. Utilising a selection of learning styles, including written theory, demonstrative hypnosis skills and live HD video presentations, this hypnotherapy course will help any student to take control of their lives and move forward. What are you waiting for?


With no previous experience necessary, this course would suit anyone with the desire and drive to learn this common technique. Whether you wish to study for professional or personal development, this course would be ideal. It would also be particularly suitable for individuals interested in coaching, esoteric studies, counselling and helping professions, and empowerment.

  • Take a look at the history of hypnosis, including the ancient Sleep Temples, the work of Dr Franz Anton Mesmer and more modern approaches.
  • Understand the application of hypnosis and its uses for healing and improving the wellbeing of individuals.
  • Learn more about the conscious and the unconscious mind.
  • Get to grips with the 8 myths of hypnosis, and why they are important if you wish to reach your full potential (and help others to reach theirs)
  • Learn how to make presentations without the accompanying anxiety.
  • Master individual and group hypnotherapy skills, as well as non-verbal trance inductions and overt and covert trance induction.
  • Learn how to achieve a deep and rapid trance, and experience your own unconscious mind, including self-hypnosis.
  • Gain insight into the various safety precautions that exist for deep trance identification and other techniques.
  • Delve into the various hypnotherapy styles of masters of the field, including Erickson, Estabrooks, Elman and Mesmer.
  • Cover some of the uses of hypnotherapy on phenomena including amnesia, analgesia, anaesthesia, somnambulism and to install and retrieve information.


  • Delivered online, so you can sign in and study as long as you have internet access.
  • Courseware is available around the clock, meaning you can study at times that are convenient to you.
  • Syllabus is broken down into manageable chunks, to allow learning without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Learn from the experts, so you know you can trust the information is coming from some of the best.
  • Board-certified, so you can add a valued certificate to your skillset.
  • Provide an invaluable service to future clients, and introduce the power of hypnotherapy to others who can benefit from it.
  • David Key Master NLP practitioner Trainer has the following endorsements:

Anything is possible when you can harness both your conscious and unconscious mind. See what hypnosis can do, by signing up to this fantastic course today.


You will receive access to your course within 48 hours of enrollment/ purchase.

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