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This Diploma in Understanding Body Language as a Sales Tool on line course is ideal for anyone reading body language in a sales role. Harness the secrets of decades of research and well kept corporate training secrets to get ahead of the competition.

Body language is crucial to establishing and maintaining relationships; this also counts for sales and helping to reinforce and add substance to the words that are being said. Your clients and counterparts will often read your body language to see if you are sending out the right, or wrong, kind of signals.

Having the right body language is essential to keeping professional and personal relationships healthy. Imagine if you were speaking to someone and they were slouching, yawning or twiddling their thumbs, you wouldn’t be very impressed, would you? Now it’s time to ensure that your body language exudes the confidence and interest that you have.

Body, Face and Space

Your body isn’t the only kind of language that can be read in body language, your face and the space that you occupy also can too. Your face tells people a lot without even saying a word; you can tell what someone is truly thinking or feeling as even though you can control what you say, it’s more difficult to control what your face says about your thoughts, feelings or opinions.

Personal space is a big factor in body language too. Depending on different cultures, personal space has an entire impact of its own. In this course, you will find expert guidance on how to determine personal space and how to observe personal and professional boundaries, for people who are both known and unknown alike.


  • Applying your knowledge of body language to improve communication
  • Understand the impact of space in a conversation
  • Understand the nuances of body language from a range of areas including your face, hands, arms, legs and posture
  • Use mirroring and matching techniques to build rapport
  • Shake hands firmly, and with confidence
  • Dress for success


  • Implement the knowledge and techniques you learn straight away.
  • Use the skills you learn in any walk of life.
  • Extracurricular resources to help you build on the knowledge learned.


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Course Curriculum

Body Language - Reading Body Language as a Sales Tool
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