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Life can be hectic at times. If we stop and think about it for a minute, most of us get hunches and “ a gut feeling” from time to time but all too often we disregard this and carry on with our busy schedules. If you are interested in developing your psychic abilities and intuition in order to help yourself and even give readings to other people, then this online Psychic Development Diploma is exactly what you you are looking for!Of course, at this stage, you may be feeling that you don’t have any psychic abilities capable of being developed. That simply isn’t true!. Whilst it may be the case that some people find it easier to access and use these abilities than others, making the decision that this is something you want and having a positive attitude, together with trust in the process will help you to develop your own non physical senses.

Developing your abilities will enable you to use them for your own benefit as well as those around you, including family and friends and also paying clients. This course provides a wonderful opportunity to expand your abilities and open up power new horizons which cannot yet even be imagined.

Course contents:

This course will provide you with the following learning:

Module 1

  • Psychic protection and grounding

Module 2

  • The difference between intuition and psychic ability
  • Developing psychic abilities through meditation

Module 3

  • Science versus psychism – the story so far

Module 4

  • Meeting and communications with your own spirit guides

Module 5

  • The power of dreams

Module 6

  • Telepathy and the power of the mind link

Module 7

  • Aspects of psychic ability – understanding the different clair senses

Module 8

  • Chakras- how to work with them for maximum effect

Module 9

  • Dowsing for Divination

Module 10

  • Aura reading

Module 11

  • Opening to Channel

Module 12

  • Divination- exploring various means, including runes, numerology and palm reading

Module 13

  • How to read for others

Module 14

  • Setting yourself up as a professional psychic

Upon satisfactory completion of all aspects of the course, students will achieve a Diploma in Psychic Studies which is sent by e-certificate.

This is a fully insurable Practitioner qualification. Please contact BGi in order to arrange cover or discuss your individual insurance needs. We have negotiated a special discount of £10 off the annual premium for all Clear Intentions students.

Cost: £199.00.


Course Curriculum

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