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This Diploma in Internet Marketing online course is essential for anyone embarking on a new venture or seeking to establish a greater on line presence for an existing business.

As we have moved into the digital age, more and more companies have been utilizing the internet to increase ROI. If you are new to marketing or have your own business that you are looking to spread awareness and increase exposure for using the most powerful marketing tool that mankind has created so far, this course is the ideal place to start.

The course will help you lay the foundations for an effective internet marketing strategy that you can use to boost awareness of your business with the view to increase ROI and sales to help you avoid being one of the 75% of businesses that fail within the first 18 months.

Internet Marketing Introduction

Internet marketing, or online advertising, as it is commonly known uses the wide reach and instant access of the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to current and potential customers.

Internet marketing is used across virtually all industries. In 2011, internet advertising revenues surpassed those of cable television and nearly exceeded those of broadcast television. In 2016, internet marketing also took over traditional marketing methods in terms of money spent, and this figure is expected to rise over the coming years.

Key Learning Points

  • Determine how your internet marketing strategy fits with your overall marketing plan.
  • Apply techniques to influence and engage your target market.
  • Weigh out the value of using a distribution service for email marketing campaigns.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • How to boost your marketing results through online advertising.
  • Adjusting your internet marketing plan based on metrics and reporting.

Advantages Of This Course

  • Instantly put your knowledge to work and create internet marketing campaigns
  • The internet has over 3 billion users, utilize this incredibly powerful tool to drive ROI
  • Skills and knowledge that can be used across any industry
  • Ideal for business owners
  • Extracurricular resources given so you can build further on your newfound knowledge


You will receive access to your course within 48 hours of enrollment/ purchase.

Course Curriculum

Determine how their Internet marketing strategy fits with their overall marketing plan
Apply techniques to influence and engage with their target market
Weigh out the value of using a distribution service for e-mail marketing campaigns
Get started with search engine optimization
Use online advertising to boost their marketing results
Adjust their Internet marketing plan based on metrics and reporting
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  • 365 Days
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