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This Diploma in Hyperactivity Disorder Awareness provides invaluable guidance and wisdom to anyone working with or parenting someone with attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder. Easy to follow and specially written by experts, it offers essential support in this complex area.

What Will I Learn?

The lesson will enable you to give a clear definition of what ADHD is. Not only that, on completion of the course you will be able to spot signs and symptoms of ADHD and feel confident providing children, young people and their families with accurate support and advice where needed.

How Does the Course Work?

All learning takes place online meaning there is no need to take a day out of your busy work schedule to complete the training. You work through the material at a time and place of your choosing, therefore maximising your chances of getting the most out of the course.


Progress through the detailed lesson to gain insight into all you need to know about ADHD.

  • Become clear on definitions of ADHD and ADD.
  • Learn about some of the symptoms of ADHD.
  • Explore the fact that although there is no cure for ADHD, there are ways that symptoms can be controlled using medical and psychological treatments.
  • Explore the ADHD Information Service website to get reliable background information on ADHD.
  • Learn about the different subtypes of ADHD from the ADHD Foundation website and explore the information section for parents and those working with young people.
  • Expand your knowledge by looking at the NHS’s resource on the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment of ADHD along with information on living with the condition.
  • Get another perspective on ADHD in the article Being Diagnosed with ADHD Made Me Feel I’ve Put All the Jigsaw Pieces Together, written by an ADHD patient who was not diagnosed until adulthood.
  • Consolidate your learning with the lesson’s detailed presentation on ADHD.
  • Learn about good practice in supporting people with ADHD by watching the video ADHD: My Story, which charts the experiences of a young person named Annie.
  • Expand your learning by reading an article on famous people with ADHD and exploring some more helpful online resources on the condition.
  • Finally, complete the multiple choice assessment to prove your new skillset.


  • Technical support is on hand, should you run into problems.
  • The lesson includes an activity sheet, which enables you to test your new skills by completing tasks before undertaking the final multiple choice assessment.
  • Informative reading material, presentations, videos, activities and opportunities for further study means all learning styles are taken into account and learning is fun and engaging.
  • Access to the course is for 12 months on signing up.
  • Taking the time to study this common condition will make your career in working with children and young people more rewarding.

Sign up to ADHD today to learn what you need to know to support young people affected by ADHD.

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