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Looking to share your knowledge and expertise with the world? This Diploma in How to Become a Blogger will really help! Leading you from start to finish through all you need to know to get started with your very own blog, and even helpful to those already blogging but not attracting the followers they want, this course is so helpful that your only unanswered question will be why you didn’t enroll sooner.

The blog is something that’s exploded in popularity in recent years, as businesses and individuals catch on to the benefits of an online presence. Ensure that the digital representation of you or your business is a positive and effective one with this course in blog creation.

What Will I Learn?

From the very basics of blogging through to the technical considerations such as which hosting platform to choose, and on to the creative considerations such as content and visuals, this course covers it all. You’ll also learn the importance of networking and social media, and look at the key threats to safety and security online.

Who Is This For?

This course is ideal for those looking to create a blog or blogs for personal or professional reasons. As well as enabling you to set up your own blogs, it’s also a positive addition to the CV of someone working in or wishing to work in a marketing role. The flexible e-learning method means that anyone can fit this course in around a busy job, other study or home commitments.


Work through 10 modules to learn all you need to know to create, develop and monetise a successful blog.

  • Start with blogging basics such as who might want to run a blog and why.
  • Learn how to set up a blog including choosing the right platform and host.
  • Discover how to secure a domain name and how to host a blog yourself.
  • Look at the importance of the right blog topic, how to come up with and develop ideas, and how to research the level of interest in a topic.
  • Learn how to write captivating content including a look at the different types of posts and how to schedule them.
  • Discover how to make money from your blog – including from advertising, promotion and sales.
  • Understand the importance of networking with other bloggers and how to do this effectively.
  • Look at using social media to widen your audience and devise new ideas for content.
  • Learn how to use images successfully, including producing your own visual media and the legalities of using other peoples’.
  • Understand blogging for business, including how to engage with new and existing customers, build an email list and strike the perfect balance of professionalism and personality.
  • Finish with a look at key safety and security issues including the most common online security threats.


  • Course delivered entirely online and compatible with all major devices and browsers.
  • 12 months access so you can refresh your learning whenever you need to.
  • Learn at your own pace with no deadlines to meet or classroom lessons to attend.
  • Help and support is available if required.
  • Learn all the skills you need to set up your own successful blog, whether that’s for personal or business use.
  • Add a sought after skill to your CV in this digital age.
  • Put yourself at the top of the list for positions in marketing, where the ability to create and run an effective blog is often essential.


You will receive access to your course within 48 hours of enrollment/ purchase.

Course Curriculum

Blogging Basics
How To Set Up A Blog
How To Choose A Blog Topic
How To Write Captivating Content
How To Make Money From Your Blog
How And Why You Should Network With Other Bloggers
How To Use Social Media To Widen Your Audience
How To Make Effective Use Of Images And Other Visual Media
How To Make Effective Use Of Images And Other Visual Media
Safety And Security Issues
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