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GDPR may not be the sexiest subject but it is essential to the success of your business, no matter how small. Take our Diploma in EU GDPR -General Data Protection Regulation on line course and quickly embrace the GDPR 2018 legislative changes to ensure you don’t get caught out.

This course is highly recommended for therapists, reiki practitioners, coaches and healers. You are not exempt, however small your business, so enrol now and relax!

EU GDPR is designed to replace the Data Protection Directive 1995. The Data Protection Directive was created in 1995. Life has changed immeasurably since then with consumers being online at almost all times, and more places for customers to input their details and share their information for the latest deal, or to subscribe to a particular service. GDPR will place stronger responsibility on the shoulders of organizations to ensure that customer information remains protected.

EU GDPR Requirements

  • For data subjects to have more control over personal data that is processed automatically.
  • Companies must implement reasonable data protection measures to protect consumers’ personal data.
  • Controllers must notify a Supervisory Authority in the case of a personal data breach within 72 hours of learning of the breach, providing specific details about the breach.
  • Companies must perform Data Protection Impact Assessments to identify risks to consumer data.
  • Some companies must hire a Data Protection Officer who will serve to advise companies about compliance.

What does GDPR mean for my company?

The biggest change to data privacy comes with the extended jurisdiction of GDPR. It applies to all companies processing the personal data of subjects residing in the European Union, regardless of a company’s location.

Due to many high-profile court cases, GDPR’s applications have been made clear – it will apply to the processing of personal data anywhere in the EU or data that has come from the EU, regardless of whether the act of processing takes place in the EU or not.

Offering goods or services to EU citizens (irrespective of whether payment is required) or processing personal data of subjects in the EU by a controller or processes not established in the EU means non-EU businesses must appoint a representative in the EU.

GDPR Penalties

Organizations in breach of GDPR can be fined up to 4% of their annual global turnover or €20million (whichever is greater). There is a tiered approach to fines, e.g. a company can be fined 2% of their annual global turnover for not having their records in order.


This course is delivered through a mobile application (the online course will be available from June 2018) and will play a vital role in your GDPR compliance through giving your staff awareness and education. Directors are made personally liable for any breaches under EU GDPR, so deploying this course across your organization can help towards avoiding fines, and a blemish against your name which can lead to a loss of customers and a tarnished reputation.

Courses modules include:

  • What is GDPR?
  • Types of Data Covered
  • Rights of Data Subjects
  • Subject Access Requests
  • Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data
  • Consent Management
  • Accountability
  • Data Protection Officers
  • Data Protection by Design
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Breach
  • Liability
  • Costs of Non-Compliance
  • International

Once the course has been completed, whoever has been studying will take a short, 30-minute test, during which they will need to answer 20 multiple-choice questions to ensure the knowledge developed throughout the course has been retained.


  • A cost-effective solution to ensure all staff are following GDPR.
  • The course can be deployed for existing employees or as part of an induction process for new hires.
  • Delivered through our mobile platform so that you incur no technology, course attendance or integration costs.
  • Course is available as a mobile application so can be studied anytime, anywhere on any iOS device.

GDPR Course Requirements

  • App is only for use on iPhones supporting iOS Version 9.3 and above
  • Compatible devices: iPhone 5 , iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s,iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7,  iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X
  • The app will use 109 MB of data during download (unless you are connected to WiFi)
  • App is designed to run offline so will not consume any more of your monthly allowance


You will receive access to your course within 48 hours of enrollment/ purchase.

Course Curriculum

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  • 365 Days
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