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Chinese Meridian Back Massage

Client lays on a couch on their stomach. Client remains fully clothed, preferably light cotton clothes. No oil or cream medium is necessary. First one side of the spine is worked on and then the other. The meridians along the back and shoulders are massaged to soothe and loosen the back and to create a feeling of all round well being.


Step 1:

Rock and press back

Place one hand on small of client’s back. The heel of the other hand rocks and presses up and down one side of the spine, working the bladder channel.

Continue this for a few minutes to help relax and loosen the back.

You will return to this step from time to time to help keep the back loose.

Step 2:

Double Circular kneading

Lock both thumbs together so that one hand rests on top of the other. Start at the top of the back, with heels of the hands use a circular motion to work down the side of the spine.

20-30 circles in one place before moving on.

When you get to the small of the back, adjust hand position slightly to access the small of the back.

Step 3:

Single hand circles

Using the heel of one hand press and make circular movements down the bladder channel. If more pressure is required you can use the other hand to support.
Step 4:

Rock and press back

Step 1 – rock and press back
Step 5:


Rolling the shoulder and back: use the back of one hand to roll across the shoulder and the rest of the back – the move is like you are rolling a dice, it is quick and you want your knuckles to make contact with the client’s back. Works the small intestine and sanjiao channels.
Step 6:

Knuckle rolls

Start at the top of the back, stand facing the client’s feet with one foot in front of the other for stability.

With one hand make a fist so that all of your knuckles face the clients’ feet. Start to roll the fist so that your second knuckles (middle/interphalangeal joints) rhythmically massage the side of the client’s spine. Go over the shoulders and the hips as you work your way down.

Step 7:

Supported knuckle rolls

Face the client’s spine, put one hand in a fist with knuckles facing the spine this time. Use your other hand to lightly support the wrist and roll your fist so that the main knuckles (metacarpalphalangeal joints) massage down the side of the spine down to just level with the top of the hips.
Step 8:

Lower back knuckle rolls

When level with the top of the hips, continue to support your wrist while turning your fist to the side and massage into the lower back.
Step 9:

Rock and Press and roll

Repeat step 1 – rock and press back

Repeat step 5 – roll the shoulders and back

Step 10:

Other side of spine

Repeat steps 1 – 10 on the other side of the spine
Step 11:

Grasp and shake

Grasping: start at the lower back, with hands on either side of the spine. With your thumb and forefinger grasp the skin (through clothing) on either of the spine, hold for a few seconds, gently shake and release. Move up the spine. Repeat a few times.
Step 12:

Thumb circles

Thumb circles both side of the spine
Step 13:


Vibration both side of the spine:

Start at the top of the back.

Use both hands, place index fingers and middle fingers on one side of the spine and thumbs on the other side. The fingers and thumb of one hand are placed over the other and use a small rocking movement to vibrate around the spine. Spend a few seconds in one place before moving down the spine.

Step 14:

Rock and press

Repeat step 1 – rock and press the back
Step 15:

Squeeze down legs

Spend a few minutes squeezing down the legs.
Step 16:


Sweep down the back and the legs to complete routine.
October 3, 2018

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