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About Athena School of Complementary Health


A whole-body, holistic approach to health and wellness is what the Athena School of Complementary Health has been advocating since 1989. By supporting traditional medicine, with ancient healing practices—we believe you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

Training in our complementary modalities, allows you to explore a versatile range of holistic therapies. We offer student and instructor training in over 120 healing practices. This goes well-beyond specialty massage techniques, and includes a growing list of ancient healing practices—such as aromatherapy, Ayurvedic skincare, crystal therapy, and more.

We even offer courses designed to help build upon your business skillsets!

Athena Principal Debrah Goldston 

Our Principal Debrah Goldston is passionate about the mind-body connection, and empowering our bodies to heal with the assistance of timeless healing techniques from around the world. She is a passionate teacher and coach and a well regarded and highly experienced therapist.

Expand Your Holistic Health Practice – At A Price You Can Afford

As a natural health practitioner, we know you are just as passionate about natural healing as we are. It is for this reason that we offer a versatile range of classes, certifications, and teacher training—all at a budget-friendly price.

Our World Renowned Holistic Programme 

The Athena School’s course schedule is highly revered in the world of holistic health. Students travel from around the world to train with our Talented Team of Natural Practitioners.